About Maxime Moyaerts Trio - Heroes

This project brings out his two big sources of inspiration: Jazz's greatest musical artists and Comic strips.


You would not immediately think of combining these two American arts, yet they have so much in common... 

Not only do they share infinite interpretation and creation perspectives but also constant evolution over time.  


Both of these universes inspired the personal compositions presented in this project.

In some of the compositions, you may recognize the universes of Batman and Superman. In others, you will spot Oscar Peterson’s swing, Barry Harris’s lyricism or Cedar Walton’s sophistication.


​“Heroes” is the birth of a very personal project shared with two other wonderful musicians, Alex Gilson and Armando Luongo, that will be recorded this February 2020.


Maxime Moyaerts: piano

Alex Gilson: double bass

Armando Luongo: drums