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Soul Voyage - The Music Village

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Soul Voyage - The Music Village

Time and Place

10 janv. 2019 à 20:00
The Music Village, Rue des Pierres 50, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

About the Event

Based on their experience and practice in different styles of jazz, the musicians of the Soul Voyage Project have created a repertoire of original compositions inspired from several the musical movements of jazz.

The Hammond organ, played here by the talented Maxime Moyaerts, occupies a prominent place in the arrangements.

Another originality is the introduction of the harmonica in the instrumentation. Olivier Poumay uses it not as an instrument of sound coloration, often placed over the music but as part of the horn section in its own right.

Vincent Romain (guitar),

Michel Mainil (sax),

Maxime Moyaerts (organ),

Olivier Poumay (harmonica),

Antoine Cirri (drums)

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