About BAM! Trio

BAM! Trio" is the encounter of three fabulous musicians: the pianist Maxime Moyaerts, the guitarist Bastien Jeunieaux and the drummer Arnaud Cabay. They met a few years ago in the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, but when Maxime started playing the Organ in 2017 they decided to form a trio. They got along so well that the Sounds Jazz Club hired them to perform every month. Thanks to this opportunity they invited several guests such as Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Guy Cabay and Fabrice Alleman.


"BAM! Trio" is first of all a sound. The sound of the fantastic association of the organ, the guitar and the drums. It is also a tribute to the lushness of jazz. The three musicians have an infinite respect for the beauty of this music.

Find out more about the band on the following link: https://www.bamtrio.com/